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Friday, September 19, 2008

Life is simple and great, with enormous opportunities!

Hi Yougsters,
World has always progressed due to the vitality and vigour that you have! It is enormous! Show the world that you can do much more than that! One need to generate noble ideas and thoughts which shall bring opportunities to ward-off poverty and unemplyment around us.

"When the poor fellow was starving no dogmas or doctrines will help him. First food, then religion", say Swami Vivekananda. "World's pure and strong, has to sacrifice everything for the betterment of the many", insists he to the youngster of this country and the world.

Make your life simple, eat simple food, wear simple dress and think and work in simplicity. It is the key to the solutions for many of the life's problems. idiots and pleasure seekers have made this world and the life in it, misserable for even the most educated and knowledgeable. You can't avoid these pleasure seekers and gossip mongers when you live ife in a society. But we can slowly and gradually teach them, what runs or succeed in the long run.

Some of the world's best force have been utilised for unwanted ends or means of life. Youth of the world has been spending half of there time in night clubs abd discos and other pleasure seeking zones and make their life miserble and also for their dependents. Most of them they dependent on their parents. And many have become addicted to alcohol and drugs.

I beg you not to continue this valubale life in meaningless manner! Can you not see, your brothers and sisters, the poor and the depressed starving for days and they struggle day and night. Don't you think, that you can do a little differeence in their life, with your education, money and any resources for strnegthening the positive life of others!

India need few bold men and women who has faith in themselves. The boldness which never fail infront of political manipulation and crookedness of the world and also infront of the pleasure seeking mind of your own!
So be strong my young friends and do something for the miserable and poor of this country which has paid respect for the needy and the poor, than her own material development.

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